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Optical Illusion

can anyone figure this out? i tried... but i looked at it so long i went cross eye\'d :P


by stewieX

submitted April 28th 2006

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Optical Illusion
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When the image shifts the guy on the far left is missing the very top of his head. It's not that noticable, that's why it looks like number of people shifting is off.
12 years ago
dude, you forgot to ask "where does the extra person come from" thats whats part of the optical illusion.
12 years ago
^^^ That's easy. He snuck across the border.
12 years ago
it goes from 12 beaners to 13
12 years ago
Here's the real explanation on how this works: http://tinyurl.com/qwdzp

12 years ago
thats a nice explination mothh, but it still doesnt explain how oyu get a WHOLE nother head. where does the extra head come from?
12 years ago
It's not that you get another head, it's that one guy is moved over completely and is missing the bottom of his feet, he is the extra person, if you look at the explination Mr. #10 moves over and loses his feet to become Mr. #13.
12 years ago
Mexicans will infact take over the world someday
12 years ago
wow thats pretty neat.
12 years ago
is this broken?
6 years ago
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