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bitch stole my fish

when the white man gonna stop bringin down a brother.


by HelloImBiziagh

submitted May 2nd 2006

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bitch stole my fish
not muchoworthyBarret
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whatchoo talkin bout willis?
12 years ago
about to mug the bitch lol.
12 years ago
i still dont get it though. isnt it the niggers that are steryotyped for stealing?
12 years ago
he is SOOOOO cute!I don't want to hear complaint one about stereotyping, but little black kids are always soo cute. then they get older...lol
12 years ago
hey, im still cute
12 years ago
thats pretty cute
12 years ago
12 years ago
No... nowadays, it's the "white man" that's stereotyped for stealing... it's the stereotype of the mexican man to work for the stuff white men steal, it's the stereotype of the black man to mug/kill the white man for stealing it, and it's the stereotype of the Jew to buy it back from the black man at that price, and it's the stereotype of the asian man to shit all over his girlfriend shortly before he invents something that makes it easier to work for the white man...
12 years ago
Oh, and it's the stereotype of the women to piss and moan about not being included in the above-mentioned situations because she's a woman and the examples are only applied to men. This occurs shortly before she shuts the fuck up and goes to make me a sandwich.
12 years ago
Dr. King's dream has been realized.
12 years ago
she gonna get gangbanged
12 years ago
Holy classic mucho.
5 years ago
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