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Edison Hate Future

Edison Hate Future by Warren Ellis


by UrbanPrimitive

submitted May 4th 2006

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Edison Hate Future
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someone needs to learn how to use The English better.
12 years ago
Wow... not funny. Is the caveman talk supposed to mean something?
12 years ago
All your base are belong to us?
12 years ago
Urban primitive make shitty posty thing.
Urban posty thing make Oscar wasting his times.
Oscar think UrbanPrimitive owes hims a blowy job
UrbanPrimitive sucks willy willy of Oscars.
Oscar shooting in Urban eye.
Urban hate cumineye.
12 years ago
You know what would have been better? "Edison owned slaves" I can see the endless pages of comments now! But seriously, Edison didn't own slaves, he was a nigger lover.
12 years ago
moody scar you should get that newly released product. from the makers of the anti penis eyepatch comes, the anti jizz patch. when your ok with penis in your eye, but jizz just crosses the line. great for vacation, completely portable.
12 years ago
Edison also supposedly tried to invent a machine for communicating with the dead.
12 years ago
Oscar, yes, this picture is stupid. But soliciting a BJ from another guy makes you a fag. That is not good.
12 years ago
Oscar- not only have you expressed a desire to get a blowjob from me but you've already written a shitty erotica short story about it. Even if I were gay, I doubt I could live up to the lofty expectations you've already shared. You've made a very brave choice in selecting MuchoSucko as the site to out yourself on though.
12 years ago
1. My shitty homoerotic oral love story is better than your post.
2. If you close your eyes and imagine it's a girl does that make it not gay again?
3. I have not expressed any desire to get a blowjob from you if you read the post, I was simply writing a piece of fiction in which you ending up with my cum in your eye for humourous effect. perhaps I have hewed too close to the bone for your comfort. I think you need to work out your own sexuality and stop projecting your own desire to suck dick and be humiliated onto other people.
4. Suck a fart out of my arse you badger-rapist.
12 years ago
mmmmm badger rape
12 years ago
Yeah, because you posting a fantasy about getting head from me is TOTALLY me projecting homosexuality onto you... yep, that's what it is exactly.
12 years ago
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