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Book of training

God knows how old and vital this book is.


by Dark_Strike

submitted May 9th 2006

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Book of training
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I dont get it? how do i know its a book, looks like a red cricket bat to me.
12 years ago
hang on a sec, since when is THE spelt THD nice work jackass. And yah who sais its a book, it could just be a piece of red paper u printed off your computer along with dumbass typos.
12 years ago
the pages are actually double quilted Charmin
12 years ago
you mean FOR THE RETARDED this just proves that it probably took you a long time to do this and your dumbass still didnt notice anything was wrong
12 years ago
Pennywise and JONNYCHO, please tell me you're kidding...
12 years ago
12 years ago
hey Pennywise, while were talking about mispelt words how about you look up the word 'says'. im sure sais is somewhere near it.
12 years ago
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