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actualy product i saw on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/BIZARRE-DILDO-HAND-MADE-SIDE-1-A-PENIS-SIDE-2-A-MONK_W0QQitemZ9518877929QQcategoryZ1469QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


by Grim

submitted May 12th 2006

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now we know what the Preist are doing when there not molesting lil kids
12 years ago
Is this a good time to make a mohammad joke?
12 years ago
I think that's about the only sex-toy you don't have to worry about leaving on your dresser if your parents decide to stop by out of the blue.
12 years ago
I'm sure Mohammad would be proud!
12 years ago
there used to be a company called Divine Interventions
i dont know if they are still around but they made religious dildos
the virgin mary
a baby jesus butt plug
funny shit
pretty good detail on the faces and stuff
12 years ago
im sure Jesus would be Proud
12 years ago
You've all seen the Jesus ones, right?
12 years ago
Anyone gonna beat $7.50 on a bid?
12 years ago
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