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Jackaas 2

a pic ffrom the upcoming jackass 2 the sequal movie


by icup23

submitted May 14th 2006

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Jackaas 2
not muchoworthyMako
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You seen Bam in that deodorant comercial? He look like a mexican with that mustache lol. I suggest he get that lame finger mustache tatoo.
12 years ago
i cant wait!!! i also heard a rumor that they might bring it back on the air new episodes and all cause this year the wild boyz are loosing their show.
12 years ago
sweet dude!!! almost as sweet as the warcraft movie that was announced xD~~~~~~~~~~~~
12 years ago
^if that happens, im going to have to go on a killing rampage. i need a list of all the producers, the director, and a few of the character voices. but i will spare the innocent animators, they are just trying to make a living.
12 years ago
I've gotta start walking around with my Gock showing. Then I'll be as cool as Bam Margera!
12 years ago
12 years ago
LOL, i love the look at the ambulance guy, he'll surely let all the jackasses die, because of his weight. ha hahahaha. i'm going to see this movie.........on DVD.
12 years ago
i thought wee man was dead :S
12 years ago
Pause the comments for a second. Fury just said that Jackass 2 would be ALMOST as sweet as a Warcraft movie.
12 years ago
Aren't they all like pushing their mid-30s now? And they still like doing middle schooler shit? I mean, Brandon Dicamillo is going bald and Johnny Knoxville has kids for godsakes!
O . O Is the Warcraft movie gonna be all CG?
12 years ago
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