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Got some pics for the car freaks out there


by LazLong

submitted May 19th 2006

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OH god that looks ugly! IT's worse that the Baja!
12 years ago
Nothing beats the video of the smart colliding head on into a highway barrior at something like 77 mph. and the impact being completely survivable. Leave it to the Germans to over engineer...
12 years ago
^ now, if they only get it to look not like one of those red and yellow flintstones cars we all got when we were like 7.

I know everyone here has had one.
12 years ago
@Dark_Strike you're absolutly right that was mind boggling
12 years ago
the cloning of mercedes-benz and BMW.
12 years ago
Why if you want your car to look like a bike so much, don't you just buy a bike? Mind you, given the choice I'd much prefer to hit a motorway barrier at 70 in the Smart than on the Beemer
12 years ago
Now, if Only they could design it so it looks like a car people want to drive, maybe it'll stop losing so much money for M-B they'll avoid bankruptcy in 2007
12 years ago
its a pic a a fucking bike with a car over it!!!!! what the fuck?? you suck balls!!!
12 years ago
Blackstar obviously didnt have their morning coffee.
And recently sucked balls for the idea to appear in his head so vividly and quickly.
12 years ago
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