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why would u

dumb shit



submitted May 23rd 2006

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why would u
not muchoworthyMako
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Yeah, don't do it, or you'll look as silly as the character in the picture...
12 years ago
Looks fun
12 years ago
So you can fall up stairs?
12 years ago
That thing's bald. Maybe it's a kid with cancer.
12 years ago
Fucking stairs are falling up a child cancer victim. I think I'll blow up an animal testing center.
12 years ago
could be a burn victim too.
12 years ago
falling upstairs is more fun anyway
12 years ago
dont they mean dont fall down an esculator?
12 years ago
nah burn victims are lumpier
so that escalator is traveling at his terminal velocity
12 years ago
Does this remind anyone else of a slinky?
12 years ago
A little late don't you think?
12 years ago
gotta be a cancer kid, the head is WAY to big to be an adult. Or someone put it wrong and it's spose to be "Don't drop babies here" *shrugs*
12 years ago
Utter sheit
5 years ago
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