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Wonder how the new guys g

Thats assuming she hasnt freaked out every male in the universe


by buntcubble

submitted May 25th 2006

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Wonder how the new guys g
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Its an improvement on the car, even with the bad spelling.
12 years ago
he's got bigger problems. there's a ticket under the wiper.
12 years ago
12 years ago
^^i believe the amount to replace or remove all that spraypaint is higher than the ticket jackalope.
12 years ago
If it was a Ford Seira RS500 cosworth now i would kick the gee out of her so hard her ass an gee would be one hole. THE CAR IS A FUCKING BEAST.
12 years ago
No. This is why you don't date a psycho in the first place.
12 years ago
We don't know if a woman did this... Some dude might have found his old lady fucking somebody and he did this to the other guys car... or maybe some fag got pissed off that his boyfriend decided tacos are better than weiners. No telling... Either way, unless there is a boiled bunny attached to the car, it's 1/2 assed. :P
12 years ago
It's not a Cossy (door mirrors) and that's a flyer under the wiper. 89 Sierra, looks like a 1.6. I'd say £200 on a good day.
12 years ago
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