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Safe Driver

Now thats a damn good score!


by My_Balls_Itch

submitted May 27th 2006

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Safe Driver
muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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The 4 in the wheelchair must be at the highest level of play.
12 years ago
There must be more cops than pedestrians in that city judging by the ratio.
12 years ago
Not that impressive. Everyone knows that although handicaped people are worth loads of points(and four kills is pretty good), babies are worth way more. Double points if you nail the hot mom afterward.
12 years ago
With your penis I mean.
12 years ago
They should add "kid chasing a ball into the street" to the score.
12 years ago
he must drive in India
12 years ago
Everyone always fucks up the scoring system. It is:
Women worth 10 points more than men in all but the upper age bracket.
Men 19-39 worth 10.
Men 40-74 worth 30.
Teenagers are worth 40.
Toddlers under 12 are worth 70.
Anyone, any sex over 75 years old is worth 100 points.
Handicapped don't offer any bonus apparently but this is never made clear.
12 years ago

<--- failed to register in time.
12 years ago
Yeah, they're missing the one for kids. They could have used that sign logo of the girl dragging her younger brother along, too!
12 years ago
i cant make out what the top one is.
12 years ago
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