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Chuck Norris backhands bi

Chuck Norris backhands bitch


by RyogaVee

submitted May 30th 2006

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Chuck Norris backhands bi
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sweet. i've wanted to do that so many times.
12 years ago
Nothing more than a love tap.
12 years ago
you got this from conans walker texas ranger lever. i miss those :(, but yeah still nice in gif form.
12 years ago
god ryoga..been on myspace lately!!lol
12 years ago
she got Norris'd
12 years ago
Chuck Norris dun just told her what's what. Get back in the kitchen woman and stop trying to drive.
12 years ago
Reminds me of the outtake from a Jackie Chan movie (back when Jackie Chan movies didn't suck, and they had outtakes, and he did his own stunts) when he was defending the maiden from waves of baddies, lost track of who was standing where, and ended up popping the female lead right in the face. Made the whole movie worth watching...
12 years ago
^^^ you need to find out what movie that was.
12 years ago
Chuck Norris is such a meat head.
12 years ago
i remember the scene coupland mentioned, but i dont know which movie..
let me make a list of old ones i know;
-first strike
-rumble in the bronx
-project a
-my lucky stars
-wheels on meals

probably one of these?
12 years ago
They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. Niether does Chuck Norris. He doesn't have to.
12 years ago
Sorry, I tried to find the movie name on Google and couldn't. I saw it in the early nineties so there's no way in hell I can recall it from memory...
12 years ago
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