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Imperial Propaganda

Turn in the rebels, do the right thing!


by Wario7793

submitted July 7th 2006

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Imperial Propaganda
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12 years ago
This is fucking funny. Reminds me of the early 80s when the cops would come to our school and tell us to turn in our parents and we'd get a $10 gift card good at the local mall...
12 years ago
OMG TEN DOLLARS to be abaondoned and left to live with strangers in a shitty house full of crack babies....DEMONIC crack babies....
12 years ago
How amusing
12 years ago
hahah NOooo not mommy or daddy *sniffle*
12 years ago
These arn't the droids we're looking for...
12 years ago
^-- I know, what gives with that?
12 years ago
Honestly, you can't really think that is MBI.
Good God, some people.
12 years ago
If anything the empire uses the metric system!

* MetalFace sobs *
4 years ago
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