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Old Porn2


\"The only way to resolve a situation with a girl is to jump on her and things will work out.\" -Lee Marvin


by UrbanPrimitive

submitted August 14th 2006

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Old Porn2
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Lee Marvin fuckin rocked. Drunk old bastard.
12 years ago
must be cold...real cold...thoses things are sticking out atleast an inch or two
12 years ago
those nipples are bigger than this guy's dick http://www.muchosucko.com/img9239.html
12 years ago
nice neepals :)
looks like she had two penises inserted :)
12 years ago
poofy nipples are fun!
12 years ago
Torpedo Tits pt 2
12 years ago
What is up with these quotes? Were they on the porn vids?
12 years ago
Damn them is big nipples! You know how fat women now days claim that back in the 50s or whatever, models and movie stars were bigger than today? They always claim Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 (bullshit). This old porn blows that theory to shit.
12 years ago
I feel dirty.
12 years ago
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