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Another shot of it flying.


by Dark_Strike

submitted August 26th 2006

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See previous comment. Nobody cares Mr. Dark Strike.

Cool name btw.
12 years ago
My grandfather would find this fascinating. Me, not so much.
12 years ago
I think I used to have one of these as a toys years ago... many years ago...
12 years ago
Wario... the ones you'd get from the ice cream truck, assemble, throw and get stuck in a tree or smashed somehow and then spend another dollar on that cheap styrofoam plane?..
12 years ago
I assume you went to some sort of air show then?
12 years ago
Its a plane, can i get its autograph? also sarcasm. duh. whatever.
12 years ago
no, I'm talking about the cheap plastic, came from the same molds as the little green army men, airplane...
12 years ago
Ask Churchill, The RAF was tough... But he still practically begged for our help. We jumped in; won the air war and then the ground war. You're Welcome.

The Lanc's still a tired airframe, even if it's the best the Brit's could muster.

ONLY 2 LEFT?!? Jesus-Hopscotching-Christ that sounds like our Dauntless'.
12 years ago
No I work at the airport, I see this thing flying all the time and you should hear the noise of all four Merlins running. You think p-51(with the good Brit engine, not the crappy Alison) or a Spit sounds beautiful you would love this one.
12 years ago
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