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Wednesday Morning

This is where I worked Wednesday Morning. The Stand Off waaaay up in the clouds on the right-side-leg is the radio we went up to work on.


by Shep

submitted November 16th 2006

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Wednesday Morning
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so shep still fuckin around with the towers i see
12 years ago
You got bigger balls than I, congrats !
12 years ago
Ryogavee, Kermit has bigger balls than you, STFU...
12 years ago
If you climb a little higher in the clouds you can take a piss on the people below and they will be none the wiser.
12 years ago
Holy shit Shep, we been waitin' for more of these. That's amazing man, highest I get is 30 feet in the warehouse at work and I'm crawlin' around up there like I might fall off from 4 feet away from the fuckin' edge lol
12 years ago
Godamn... u better be getting paid the big bucks for risking ur life going up that shit..
12 years ago
Now thats a fucking cancer stick, bollox i would be doing that job if i was working on these 9 to 5
12 years ago
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