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The Fight

This is why some people shouldn't drink. Guy picks a fight and then gets OWNED... I like the comment at the end tho "you're bleeding".. talk about an understatement!


by yak

submitted April 5th 2004

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haha. Idiots. Fisticuffs is what you do when you drop your knife... after youve dropped your gun.

Of course I live in Virginia where people are still allowed to defend themselves from morons like these..
11 years ago
you suck
11 years ago
if you do have a gun, and you do have a knife and are unable to use it, and drop it? that's just more idiotic.
11 years ago
Whether motherfuckaz realize this shit or not, that nigga was tryin' to be cool, and let ol' boy that he didn't want no problems until that white boy start talkin' shit playin' that hard role. Well, you see who got rolled up in the video, and who was leakin' in the nose after the fact. Even though partna got his ass beat bad, he lucky he didn't get his ass capped. Ya'll just ain't knowin'. If a nigga roll yo' ass up on GP, be lucky that he don't take it to the next level by bustin' a clip on your azz. REAL TALK!!!
11 years ago
shut up NIGGER the white boy was a pussy ass white boy. I am not I would stomp the NIGGER then hang his black nigger ass from a cross!
10 years ago
if you ever comment again i will make you look even more stupid than you are
10 years ago
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