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Barbie Gets Fucked


I suppose it should be "does the fucking" rather then "gets fucked" 18+


by yak

submitted November 20th 2006

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She should of use Ken, But what is the difference? he got no Dick..This bitch would of use him the same way..:-P
12 years ago
Muchosucko have I told you lately that I fucking love you?
I don't think that's safe jamming two plastic legs into your twat, but then I'm no doctor am I.
12 years ago
Mommy whats this stuff all over barbie...?
12 years ago
this is a strange kind of fetish, isn't it? i have a few old barbies lying around from my childhood, never occurred to me to fuck myself with one.
12 years ago
now THAT's some intersting "girl on girl", eh?!?!
12 years ago
which was the barbie??? they both had plastic tits
12 years ago
I have to admit, I've had my way with Barbie as well.
12 years ago
^^^^ gonna try that now mabel? it would have been awesome to see her jam the barbie in up to it's neck
12 years ago
I always knew Barbie was a dyke!
12 years ago
yea mabel you said you wanted to fuck celebrities
12 years ago
i am unimpressed until she can jam the Barbie Fun Jet up in there.
12 years ago
interestnig though deGustibus...interesting thought
12 years ago
thats fucked up
12 years ago
People make fetish out of anything.
10 years ago
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