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International Philosophy - Monty Python

Germany vs. Greece in a battle of wits.


by pricklypete

submitted November 20th 2006

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nice goal...
12 years ago
Best Part........."Hegel is arguing that the reality is merely an a priori adjunct of non-naturalistic ethics, Kant via the categorical imperative is holding that ontologically it exists only in the imagination....and Marx is claiming it was offside."
12 years ago
I fart in your general direction.

Now go away or I will taunt you a second time!
12 years ago
Mothh, I agree. That was a great line. I also liked how they tossed a German soccer legend in the lineup: "Beckenbauer obviously a bit of a surprise there..."
12 years ago
Leave it to the Pythons to come with such things :)
I always thought they are the greatest.
12 years ago
yawn...that was just like real soccer...shit and not funny
12 years ago
^yawn...your comment was just like shit and not funny..
12 years ago
are you fucking kidding me? you GODDAMN FUCKING RETARDS THOUGHT THAT WAS AMUSING AND FUNNY? the little clip of where steve irwin was doing some mario bullshit in the some water was 10x more funny then this piece of shit clip. FUCK YOU bitches who keep on posting monty python clips this shit isnt even funny, AND NO, I DONT HAVE TO BE INTELLIGENT TO LAUGH YOU FUCKING RETARDS.

Listen, if you tell a joke and nobody laughs and you say YOU HAVE TO BE SMART TO GET IT, noone thinks its funny, just shut the fuck up and stop trying to post this piece of shit garbage that isnt funny you fucktards.
12 years ago
btw victorious your a dumb shit faced idiot for trying to defend monty fagthon you fucking doushebag asshole
12 years ago
geno2k3 --- run out of your meds? Chill man, relax a little, it'll be OK.

BTW, I have a feeling that YOU think "The Three Stooges" are funny.

If so, --- 'nuff said!
12 years ago
Geno: you make a good case that you're an idiot, and your opinion of Python has nothing to do with it.
12 years ago
Geno by your very own words you've just said you lack intelligence: "AND NO, I DONT HAVE TO BE INTELLIGENT TO LAUGH"

By the way I see nothing wrong in enjoying The Three Stooges AND Monty Python. The Three Stooges beats a lot of shit that comes out these days trying to pass itself off as comedy, namely sequels cash-ins.
12 years ago
cotb stfu? your not cool, sit down before you get bukkaked bitch. i was just saying, a laugh is natural, babies laugh, retards laugh, there is no real intelligence at all in laughing, you laugh becouse its a natural reaction k you shit for brains? next time you try to do some points, i suggest you sit and think about it you dumb fuck.

Monty python does not induce any natural reaction in my body to laugh, the natural reaction i have when i see monty python is talk shit to all the retards who think its funny.

fuck you all.
12 years ago
and no pompazoidee i dont laugh at 3 stooges, its fucking stupid like monty python and you, dumb shit
12 years ago
ok geno mabey your smart...hell, who knows, mabey your a genius...but theres one thing we all know for certain.....one of these things is true about you.

1. you're a child.
2. bipolar
4. received a lack of attension as a child
5. or you ran out of your antidepressant meds....

there is really no reason for you to flame at all here....and if your going to flame....go to another forum with children and get some flame practice....cause your quite horrible....its quite evident that u just scream random insults at people in hopes they will do it back to you??? i mean seriously....

a laugh is natural, babies laugh, retards laugh, there is no real intelligence at all in laughing, you laugh becouse its a natural reaction k you shit for brains?

thats just igniggerant.....

go ahead geno....correct my spelling for me....thats what i assume you will do....or call me a bunch of names in some kind of run-on sentence....fucking nazi rofl
12 years ago
russell your cool, not, your still a dousehbag loser. go jump off a cliff you forum rentacop wanabee
12 years ago
Keep digging, geno, you're bound to find the bottom somewhere.
12 years ago
^am i the only one thinking geno is JOHNNYCHO incarnate?
12 years ago
oops not at you Balls ;)
12 years ago
^your on to something Victorious
its really funny how the people who understand nietzche (or know what he was about) and others of his magnitude are considered retards in geno2k3's book...
12 years ago
Clever stuff.

That looked more exciting then actual soccer.
12 years ago
Man fall down. Funny
12 years ago
The people I've met who did not think Python were funny had no real sense of humor anyway.

@ russell34, That was some funny shit. The list cracked me up. I'm thinking that geno is probably bipolar with a touch of the turrets thrown in for good measure.
12 years ago
can someone post sam peckinpan's "Salad Days?"
12 years ago
im actualy a good, kind person. i dont have a temper, i just enjoy the occasional rant about how stupid things are. i work, i go to school, im actualy very healthy too, best wishes, geno.
12 years ago
i feel absolutly sorry for geno. He is so stupid he will never get monty python. Poor idiot.
12 years ago
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