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The Wiener

I like the reaction of the guy walking by.


by yak

submitted November 20th 2006

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well.. that's a talent..
12 years ago
She's a Pro..No gagging..
12 years ago
Omg I feel so bad doingthis now with all these cameras..
12 years ago
Haha, he doesn't even try to hide it, he just stops abruptly to stare at the sausage-chowing whore.
12 years ago
I'm in love.
12 years ago
my pants are getting tighter, whats wrong with me????? smash the tent smash the tent!!!!!
12 years ago
But it was like six inches, even Ryogavee can do that. Let's see her with a footlong.
12 years ago
suck it easy ho.
12 years ago