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Remember to Clear Your Recent Downloads

... If you are going to be on the news.


by yak

submitted November 19th 2006

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When I wear my baggy "short shorts" I let my bowel movements ooze out the leg holes..........GASP!!
12 years ago
The problem is that my most recent downloads is what's gonna *GET* me on the news, probably in some Dateline expose.
12 years ago
Can't see shit because of the MuchoSucko.com watermark....LOL!
12 years ago
who doesn't download porn?
12 years ago
*raises hand*
oh.. wait.
12 years ago
hey nice job ruining the video with that stupid fucking logo.
Your brilliance never ceases to amaze.
12 years ago
^so? i saw it, and so did you.
12 years ago
^ Why oh why must you let facts get in the way of someone's pointless drivel?
12 years ago
12 years ago
Yeah, fuck you loser, sometimes I wish the whole comments section wasn't even here with all the bitching and complaining.
12 years ago
hehe it's danish :D the logo is from "nyhederne" the news.
At least i have trust in him . . . i would never belive a guy on a computer subject if he didnt dl porn. . . thats for sure.
12 years ago
"sometimes I wish the whole comments section wasn't even here with all the bitching and complaining."

you dont have to read the comments section and in addition to that you dont have to post you dumb fucking tard.
Come over here so i can fuck your eyesocket.
12 years ago
iloseatlife do you post anything worth reading on here?
like i mean... have you EVER?
because, i can't for the life of me remember a single post of yours worth shit all...
12 years ago
ahhh.... i saw it finally. I have to admit, i am sick right now with some sort of chest thing. I got really pissed off at this video because i am doped up on my meds and didnt understand a single word on screen. I thought yak was just fucking with my head, but then I read the captions and comments.
12 years ago
Hey, waitaminnit yak, if the criteria for posting here is that it's gotta be worth reading then we're all fucked. Not in the literal sense, of course, otherwise we wouldn't be surfing the web watching this kind of shit.
12 years ago
there hasn't been a single post on this ass-itching website worth anything beyond a cheap laugh. So eat my bum bum hole.
12 years ago
worthless? I learned how to get into every door lock in the neighborhood. Thanks Mucho!
12 years ago
you call laughing worthless?

sorry i didn't know you were coming here for an education iloseatlife....
12 years ago
there was a guy on a car enthusiasts' forum that got completely owned like this last week. people were posting pictures of various wallpapers they had on their desktops, so he sent in an entire screenshot - only he'd left a folder called 'shemale vids' in the lower left-hand corner. within 15 minutes the moderator had changed the comment under his avatar to "nice tits, pity she doesn't have a cock".
he was posting threads everywhere trying to get the original post removed - not a fucking chance. he even went so far as to take down his myspace.

if this is old news please don't bother reading it.
12 years ago
had to watch it 2x, and could "make it out", yeah 1/2 of it was hidden by the "red eye" logo - but did see the "blowjob-fuck.wmv", only cause i kinda knew what i was looking for. otherwise, wouldn't've seen it.
12 years ago
6 years ago
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