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Orgasm Illness


Asian chick Jumps.... Actually... Just watch it... I don't know where they come up with these fucking plots. 18+


by yak

submitted November 19th 2006

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that sound it made when ever that guy appeared sounded like an old nintendo game
12 years ago
That sort of behaviour is what got me a life ban from judging the national junior gymnastics trials.
12 years ago
asian porn
12 years ago
mabel without asian porn, the world would be ignorant of the pleasures of shoving eels into your anus, or puking into a persons mouth before getting mouthfapped by a beaver.... in mabels world all the porn has only human interaction.... if thats how the world is.. i don't want to be a part of it!
12 years ago
LOL yak. You're funny man.

They are creative. You have to admit. They beat the Germans for gross every time. Not even close.
12 years ago
Those poor little innocent schoolgirls
12 years ago
actually.. the worst porn ive ever seen was on a site called redlight, when i was kid hacking my first internet account from the university.... it was a picture set of 2 guys smearing eachother with shit, and then taking fistfulls of the shit and shoving it into the one guys mouth while he was mouthfapping the other guy....
i've never seen any video that has came even close to making me feel as ill as those pictures did.. just the expression of sheer revulsion on the one guys face in the pictures and him making like the gagging look while his eyes were tearing up....

it was pretty rough :)
12 years ago
i can only imagine the shit that has gone before your eyes yak..
12 years ago
why have you not posted these pictures? they sound gold.
12 years ago
way way way before mucho started... and it was shut down shortly after i saw them...

and yeah..... you don't want to know some of the stuff i've seen and not posted on mucho....
12 years ago
I need that bench thing she's hopping on.
12 years ago
..that must be where they teach them to sound like they're crying and getting raped when they have sex - even tho you can see they smiling and having a good time.
12 years ago
uh uh numee numee meh
12 years ago
Why do asian girls in porn sound like they all have down synrdome? I know this is MS and all, but they don't REALLY have a genetic disorder, do they?
11 years ago
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