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Mother Panda Pushes Baby Panda

God these fuckers and their whining, no wonder they are going extinct.


by yak

submitted November 19th 2006

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fuck pandaz
12 years ago
They are becoming extinct because of humans. They whine (cry) because they are babies. You should be extinct because you are an asshole (whiney cry-baby).
12 years ago
lmao @ twister. god, some people just don't have any form of sense of humour or sarcasm, eh? :P
12 years ago
i'm whining and crying about what exactly twister you pathetic fuck?
12 years ago
on a side note... i sure could go for a panda burger today.
12 years ago
Incarceration would fuck anythings head up, no wonder its being agressive to its young.

Anyone see that program of the guy who did Supersize me, he did 30 days in prison and 70 hours solitary confinement, it was intresting to see his opinion of it. Not getting into the whole debate about refrom and all that bollox but locking up any human or animal fucks their heads up. (though i know they need to have a captive breeding program for panda's cos they nearly extinct)
12 years ago
0k 0k fuz and twista we get the p0int.......but i still say fuck pandaz''' tell me when the last time y0u seen 0ne????
12 years ago
the mother panda followed to finish the job....
12 years ago
That baby panda must of been a girl*! HA HA HAHAHAHAHA!....

*...you know, cuz their chinese and they kill baby girls cuz boys are more favored in that whole "one child" program they have...

n/m :P
12 years ago
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