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DIY Cyst Removal

Man where was this last week when I needed it???


by yak

submitted November 19th 2006

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I hate being the first to comment, cause then there's no one to say "fucking gross, don't watch this."
12 years ago
WTf childs play to me.
12 years ago
12 years ago
anyone else hungry?
12 years ago
I am
10 years ago
What the fuck was that???
12 years ago
I had an absess on my face before , i just got a sharp stanely blade and cut it open and squeezed out the goo out
12 years ago
I removed a cyst using this method a few minutes ago, hurt like hell. And HEEEEEEEYYYYY, where'd my other testicle go?!?!
12 years ago
Am I the only one that finds this stuff fasinating and fucking awsome.

If you have a cyst,pimple,absess or record yourself poping that fucker cause I want see.
12 years ago
"Blunt Dissection?" "BLUNT dissection...?!?!"
12 years ago
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