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Reporter Owned By a Cricket Ball

"its true.. he IS very fast"


by yak

submitted November 19th 2006

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WTf is wrong with that? He was just trying to get him to backup off the plate. Just a little chin music...my bad thats baseball.
12 years ago
wat a pussy!!
12 years ago
Yes, bring back body-line I say.

I think that reporter has a legitimate claim to open the batting for NZ, can't do much worse.
12 years ago
The reporter must have watched Mr. T's "recuperation!" bit. He took that ball in stride, and had a nice tie-in at the end!
12 years ago
He endeavors to score by dashing between the creases provided the wicket keeper hasn't whipped his bails off, of course! Pip pip cheerio and all that sort!

...trying to think of some more queer english terms to use in describing cricket...
12 years ago
@ Chairman. Why not bring Trevor Chappell out of retirement to open the bowling? It's much safer for our poor batsmen, and you'll get through the overs that much quicker. ;P
12 years ago
You just keep digging up those rare moral victories to make yourself feel better. I wasn't even born yet but I still know about, just goes to show some people just can't let go. Anyway we've got the Ashes to rightfully take back before we go back to generally having fun with you.

All in good fun by the way.
12 years ago
What the fuck cricket is such a pussy sport. They throw at most 90 mph? I threw 90 minimum in high school, and I didn't need a fuckin run start like fags that play that shit. Baseball kicks everyone who says cricket is better in the nuts.
11 years ago
You don`t hit as hard nor fast as they, just shut it. You sound stupid.
10 years ago
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