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Lenny Mclean vs Mad Gypsy Bradshaw

All you need is love, love, love is all you need.


by McWoozy

submitted November 18th 2006

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whatever, unlicensed or not, you dont throw a cheap ass head butt before the bell
12 years ago
this fight was held down the road from where i used to live, The Yorkshire Grey pub in Eltham.
Lenny also used to live about 4 miles down the road from me, in Bexley.
12 years ago
The guy was as stiff as a board at the end, cool!
So Red, why haven't you posted some vids of these guys then?
12 years ago
stomp a fucking mudhole in anyone who takes a cheap shot at you!!!
12 years ago
LOL, The Guvner RULES! I read his book, hes the baddest man ever...
12 years ago
I knew Lenny. We used to drink a beer or two in the Swan in Bexley. He was actually a very funny guy but you just didn't fuck with him.
12 years ago
These jerkoffs wouldn't last 5 minutes in the ring with any decent boxer or MMA fighter. If they could, they'd do it. They wouldn't be sitting here jerking each other off in some backwoods fight in podunk.
12 years ago
slagtime, i've got the vid but it's in realtime format, and i haven't got around to converting it..
as for fight vids, i've got quite a few on my site: red23.eu

so $nake, you'd have lived very close to me!

Captain_Spaulding0323, Lenny was one of the hardest bastards i've ever seen..
he hits ten times harder than an MMA fighter, so i doubt if they'd last longer than Bradshaw did.
12 years ago

i got off my arse adding this, and a Roy Shaw fight to my site.
12 years ago
All you can do is...

... sit back and LAUGH!
12 years ago
That guy is a fucking mountain.. Jesus christ he is massive.
12 years ago
red23....i used to live on the broadway
12 years ago
Captain_Spaulding0323 -

You obviously haven't a fucking CLUE who you are talking about. Try doing some fucking homework before working your puppy dog mouth off because it makes you look like a dumbass.

At least wiki the dude, or better yet, read his book. But i know you won't do the second one.

But you are right, this 'jerkoff' WOULDN'T last 5 min in the ring with any 'decent' boxer or MMA fighter, cause he's dead.

Did you even look at the date of the fight on the clip, dumbass.
12 years ago
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