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An even bigger Millionaire loser

This guy is even dumber then the other Millionaire loser.


by eskimoes

submitted November 17th 2006

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You suck. It isn't even all that funny it just makes me want to put the world out of your stupidity.

The worst part is all these stupid fucks have to do is not say "final answer" right after they jump to their first retarded conclusion.

But I wonder, if the audience didn't gasp every time would the dumbfucks still go "Oh, wait!"?
12 years ago
haha, holy shit, his face is priceless after he realizes what a dumbass he is
12 years ago
You have to wonder if when walking off, he didn't seriously consider suicide as his final answer.
12 years ago
thats nerves for you...or just being a retard..
12 years ago
another white version of ryogavee
12 years ago
I love how quickly he was dispatched.

And the total prize money being shown was hilarious.

12 years ago
Where the fuck did he buy that tie? At the gas station? This dumbass looks like Republican Carrot Top.
12 years ago
I can't stop laughing. His face was priceless.
12 years ago
hahahahaha you win 0$, they even had to show it to rub-it-in, yes very priceless
12 years ago
Hahaha, you suck.
12 years ago
Haha! That napoleon dynamite lookalike probably spent fifty bucks on bus fare.
12 years ago
"ughhhhh..... darn." lol poor kid was so nervous
12 years ago
Saw this guy live... I was just kidding when I picked "water flow" as a gag, but... DAMN! He's a fucking retard.
12 years ago
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