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well it gets the old dear out of the house


old women gets her bearded clam slamed 18+


by fuckyouandyourlaw

submitted November 17th 2006

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...oh I didn't see the 18+ and that was really fucking unexpected from the first few seconds.
12 years ago
Grams? Nooooooooooooooo!
12 years ago
... now bake us some cookies!
12 years ago
nooooo my eyes!! wtf? i cant believe i saw the whole video after she was sucking his dick...lol
12 years ago
I am fucking scarred for life :|

I don't think I can EVER look my grandma in the eye again.
12 years ago
i hate seeing old people as sexual beings
it is so unnatural
12 years ago
He he, that was funny.
12 years ago
WTF is wrong with people nowadays. I think there should be a screening process and 4 week waiting period before you can buy any type of camera.
12 years ago
anyone know where I got to go to find me some GILF?
12 years ago
12 years ago
I'd knock the dentures out of the whores mouth, she's fly as a motherfucker yo!
12 years ago
That guy's gonna be like "I ain't gay you fucking loser. Last night I was fucking your mom!" and it will actually be true.
12 years ago
ahhhhh, i'm fucking blind, that shit caused me phycological blindness, i lost my sight for about 20 mins. But when i did see again, i noticed how wet grannys pussy was, she's still got it man.
12 years ago
Nothing wrong with that. Toothless head is like fucking a twat with a tongue.
12 years ago
this should be illegal just like kiddy porn is. I say once you get to the age of 40, you cannot show any more flesh on film.

So, from 0-17 years of age no porn movies. From 18-39 years of age. It's ok to make porn movies. And then from 40 years and on, absofuckinlootly no fucking porn.

Pedophiles. = Child molester and you get sent to jail for a long time.
Jeryatrophiles. = Viagra molester and you get sent to jail for a very long time. Or you get shot.
12 years ago
rotflmfao!!!! that old bitch need to stop that before she have a damn heart attack..
11 years ago
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