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Nikki Ziering on Stern's Tickle Chair

I apologize for such a lame post.


by yak

submitted November 17th 2006

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Nikki Ziering= HOT! Sybian= Man replacement Howard Stern= old news and himself unentertaining
12 years ago
what i dont get is how this makes good radio
12 years ago
howard stern is a creepy pervert.
12 years ago
he'd probably like this website
12 years ago
Howard Stern sucks and he needs to shave off that Weird Al haircut. He looks like fucking Cher with that shit. Except her dick's probably twice as large.

Actually, that's not saying much. She's got a pretty big dick.
12 years ago
thats the lamest shit ive ever seen. where were the vegeatables?
12 years ago
Hoo hoo Robin! I invented sybians!

Marconi ripped me off.. Tell 'em Fred!
12 years ago
^^^ you fucking rock !!!!
12 years ago
I need one of those chairs!
11 years ago
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