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Borat Gets Sued

With fame comes lawsuits :P


by yak

submitted November 17th 2006

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Goddamn these people need to get a TV and the internet, and that fucking dyke needs to get a bullet in the face like that bitch in the red dress.

I can't believe people from the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are still able to have fake interviews with people, and politicians at that. Maybe they should spend less trying to make themselves look good and spend more on not letting other people make them look like complete douchebags.
12 years ago
Haaaa, that guy from Kazakhstan gets offended by being called "backwards" yet the first thing he sounds like is a savage. Haa. The Frat boys can suck it.
12 years ago
Funny that lady didn't get to the heart of the matter in that it didn't take much to make her look like a jerk to begin with.

Incidentally the Turk is going to have a great time trying to prove it seeing as Borat has allegedly "existed" since about 96.
12 years ago
"if I saw him I'd kill him"

You're pissed he gives you a bad rep o_O?
12 years ago
Those people need to chill out. Those frat boys spoke racist comments etc on their own, noone told them what to say...fed them alcohol pffffft, wotta bunch a shite, who poured it down thier throats? Sounds like they need momma to hold their hand on spring break or they'll do something stupid...they were soooooo owned!
12 years ago
If im not mistaken Borat WAS created before that greasy Turk was a net "sensation". The film was so fucking funny i swear i cant remember ever laughing so much at any other comedy, those collage kids were exposed as the racist mofo's they are and what most of white Americans think deep down, this site is living proof of that.

If you havent seen it, do, especialy after a spilf or two lol
12 years ago
all it is , is dumb lazy fucks that are gullible trying to get $$ they dont deserve
12 years ago
The Frat boys in the movie picked him up AFTER they had all had stuff to drink. They said shit. Shouldn't have picked up a guy with a camera when your drunk. Oh yeah they HAD to sign a release, in order for them to be in the movie, if they didn't want to be in the movie, don't sign the release.
12 years ago
By fratboys to they mean those guys in the trailer? That he drank with?
12 years ago
awesome! people not knowing he was fake?! That made the movie that much better. i thought at the end of each scene he'd have them sign a waiver and thus showing them it was staged and stuff, but it's good to see they actually faked the people out the whole time.

It makes sense that he chose the South to do most of his stuff... cuz they're the most backwards of the U.S. populace. (yeah, y'all is dumb as a box o' rocks)
12 years ago
you can't piss that many people off without getting yourself hurt. . . unless you are in government.
12 years ago
the frat boys just want some money because they're frat boys, and if you watch the movie, they picked him up with beer. And that guy is whining about Borat is copying him, shut up, its an accent. My friends imitate any ethnicity, and if SOMEHOW one of them happens to make fun of a real person, oh fucking well. people need to not take shit so seriously and just laugh it off.
12 years ago
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