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Burning Glass Coin Vanish Trick

Even I know how to do this one...


by yak

submitted November 16th 2006

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dude thats old, notice theres a white sheet of paper beneath the cup and the coin? the cup has a white peace of paper under it, so when you put the cup over the coin all your doing is covering the coin...this was gay.
11 years ago
^^^what he said, now if they moved the glass afterwards, i'd be amazed
11 years ago
"Burning Glass Coin Vanish Trick" <-- That's not nearly enough words for it.

"The Ultimate Burning Glass Happy Coin Vanishing Paper Trick" <--- Now that's a title.

11 years ago
just when the video stops if you look close at the cup you can still see the coin.
11 years ago
dumbass has a pair of sissors in his hand, hmmm...
it would be even more classic if there was a cirlular piece missing from a part of the paper.
11 years ago
just like on Clerks the animated series, only with more fire and less offering to Satan.
11 years ago
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