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woman kicks cop in the nuts

the sound effects are kinda funny


by Stephen

submitted November 15th 2006

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sounds like Randy Johnson in a dress " dont talk back to me"
11 years ago
That was a low-ass shot, sorry.

"I have to lock my door! I have to lock my door!"
11 years ago
Is that what she said? I thought she was a Dalek screaming "Exterminate! Exterminaaaate!"
11 years ago
How spectacular! °o°
11 years ago
see thats a smart cop he waited tell after he was out of the view of the camara b4 he beat the shit out of her for kicking him in the balls
11 years ago
Wonder if she ent to jail?
11 years ago
Probably his (ex)wife.
11 years ago
crack, its a hell of a drug
11 years ago
Near the end he sodomised her with his knightstick.
11 years ago
I would have paid that Asian to kick me in my nuts
9 years ago
I am masturbating to this.. I would looooove a mature Japanese woman to do this to me
9 years ago
ok so for each kick is a punch she needs to be getting dead in the face
11 years ago
out of all the police beating videos....this bitch deserved it...too bad it wasnt in LA or a bad cop.
11 years ago
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