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Doe Ducks Arrow

Doesn't look like much at first, but when it goes in slow-mo you'll see how lucky that deer is.


by eskimoes

submitted November 15th 2006

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if it didn't have good reflexes it'd be dead with rednecks humping on it's body.
12 years ago
if it would have been lower it might have been a good shot in the first place, even if it did get hit i dont think that shot woulda killed it
12 years ago
You must not be educated on bow hunting then Smatchy, that was a perfect shot, right behind front leg...it would have punctured the heart and gone thru both lungs if the momentum kept
12 years ago
That was a little high, it would've took it down, but after it ran a 40 yards.
12 years ago
That guy is probably dead now, nothing more vicious than a startled doe.
12 years ago
That shot was a bit high even tho she ducked under it There is a Black Hole in that area right below the spine...for lung expansion

We have shot arrows clean through that zone and tracked the deer till the wound closes up and the trail gets cold.

And I highly doubt a bowhunter would start humping on the body...even if they dont all stalk and track ie: really hunt ... they are at least using a bow.

Well maybe Ted Nugent would...but he is an idiot.
12 years ago
Thats deer was a fuckin ninja maaaaaannnnnnn
12 years ago
The Deer is the Matrix...

Wangos and Tango, huh? :P
12 years ago
Wow, if that deer was wearing pants, it would've shat 'em!
12 years ago
I don't know... if you pause it and click it frame-by-frame it looks like the arrow stops right above the deer. then the next frame the deer ducks an inch lower and the arrow drops with it. I say it either hit or is arrow was photoshopped. Someone else try.
12 years ago
yes, PHOTOshopped in a video, good thinkin einstein
12 years ago
almost a spine shot.....I have a vertebra with a broad head stuck in it from the third deer i ever shot....
And no im not a redneck......rednecks hate me
12 years ago
This proves it........Animals are better then you.......
12 years ago
If Homer Simpson was the archer he would've said DOH!

get it?
12 years ago
That's soooooo FAKE.
12 years ago
A good example of why I use a 30.06
Only convicted felons bow hunt.
12 years ago
^^^ RIP you sons a bitches!!!!
10 months ago
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