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The Aquabats - Fashion Zombies!


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by eskimoes

submitted November 15th 2006

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So much for the power of music, and lol at the lightsaber that was a nice touch
12 years ago
Biggest exaggeration ever?

Seriously they weren't bad but they don't seem unique in any way to me.
12 years ago
I saw them at my first show. It was pretty entertaining. The singer got whacked in the mouth by the head of the guitarists guitar. He was all bleeding. He kept singing with a bloody mouth. Just an interesting anecdote.
12 years ago
Great band. Travis Barker of Blink 182 used to be their drummer.
12 years ago
All American Playboys is the Greatest Band ever...

who the hell are they again? :)
12 years ago
I tried, but couldn't watch more than 20 seconds.
12 years ago
The Aquabats were better when they were more ska-oriented. Besides, who cares about Travis Barker anyway...Thrice is a gay homo that likes crappy music. Go kill yourself.
12 years ago
Aren't these guys in their 40's?
12 years ago
Thrice, Avenge Seven Fold, Trust Company, etc can all suck my hairy gonads.
12 years ago
ugh i didn't think keyboards had the capability of sounding that corny. How dare they have the misfit devil-lock at the end
12 years ago
eskimoes, you have instantaneously gaiend my respect without me knowing anything about you, simply for knowing who the fuck the aquabats are *doe the aquabats hand sign thing (connect thubms and cross index figners)* i just hope youve heard their old old stuff.
12 years ago
COTB , you need to 1. listen to their old stuff, and 2. see them live. they are really different live. and their not a band. their a band..of super heroes.
12 years ago
wow they're still alive?
12 years ago
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