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Deer at Target

How'd the deer get there in the first place!?!


by eskimoes

submitted November 14th 2006

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HAHA, drumb ass tried to scare it, then got chased
12 years ago
That's not a deer. It's a snapalope.
12 years ago
Don't K-Marts in the States have a hunting department? I can imagine the customers holding their new gun there thinking Christmas had come early (and that's not in reference to the deer itself either).
12 years ago
K-Marts and Wal*Marts both have a hunting/fishing section. Target does not. I work for Target, and I'm glad we don't have to deal with the redneck folk coming in and asking us where the bait is.
12 years ago
it probably thought that was a sears roebucks.. gettit roeBUCKS.. har har
12 years ago
^i don't get it?

btw i HATE that fucking music, one of the most annoying out there!
12 years ago
I also work at Target........... FUCK Target.
12 years ago
^ you're suddenly not looking so great.
12 years ago
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