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Office Space - Slasher Movie

If office space was a slasher flick this is what i'd be like, well more like a stapler flick...


by eskimoes

submitted November 14th 2006

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so... that's a real movie? 20th century fox, eh? so... what do they do? staple the guy to the wall, or something?
12 years ago
already saw it on "youtube" too late ass hole.
12 years ago
Sorry eskimos. not really directed at you......

actually, i would have posted this soooo much sooner, but decided not to because why the fuck should i?

Yak has decided to take most of my submissions and shove them in the toilet. He says they are "already on here."

but I have looked and they aren't. (I.E. The British comedy Spaced ones) And even if they were, there is so much shit being resubmitted and re-posted on this site it's fucking clown shoes that he wouldn't re-post them all. "IF you post it, and it dosent show, it's probably not on here..." Unless it's something that you want to be on here again. Whatever dude.

I would say more, but that would just get me banned. And i don't want to give the guy an excuse.

Loves ;p

pecial K
12 years ago
Sorry, meant to say... "If you post it, an it dosent show, It's probably already ON here." LOL. I cant even get my danm insults right tonight. Whatev.
12 years ago
.........Pretty much like the way i cant get my damn postings on here anymore. :p
12 years ago
I like the way they turned the entire premise of the movie simply by using parts of the video and audio out of context and horror flick background music.
12 years ago
like i need an excuse to ban someone.

when i say its PROBABLY on here, i mean it is.
^ scene from spaced you are referring to.

now shut the fuck up and stop crying you big fucking baby and get on with your life.
12 years ago
^^^ ROFL!

12 years ago
LOL. I just could not find the vid. It was of course the way the wording was when I did the search. Ok fair enough Yak. I apologize and wont ever complain about that kind of shit again. I will stop crying, and get on with my life.
12 years ago
8 years or 8 hours ago, its always the same
4 years ago
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