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Dr.Phil confronts scammers in person.

I really dont care for Dr.Phil but I got to give it to him on this one.


by Stephen

submitted November 14th 2006

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Fuck, now I want to know what happened...Can we get a follow up to this????
12 years ago
as of this second, i respect that man
12 years ago
He's the one you call doctor Phil Good; he's the one that makes you feel alright; he's the one you call doctor Phil Good; he's gonna be my frankenstien.

"some of you may not be old enought to get this one"
12 years ago
wow, talk about irony
"i dont appreciate you ripping off my viewers"
12 years ago
"Oh you mean the Dr. Phil Martinez show I produce on Hispanic Cable!"

As far as busts go, the execution didn't seem as satisfying as it should have been.
12 years ago
I like that, it just brightened up my day, ilooseatlife I know that song but dont remember what from
12 years ago
like the capt, I had to know what happened.

6 videos total between the 2 links below, including this one, some lead up, and an aftermath


12 years ago
my bad, thought they were vids, but they's slideshows upon further exam

still, good info if you want follow up
12 years ago
i read it all, in fact im glad i read it rather than watching a video. I think i got more out of it. great info, with a happy ending
12 years ago
I don't think I really wanna live in a world where it's illegal to take money from people dumb enough to watch Dr. Phil. :(
12 years ago
I want to hear what his ex-wife has to say about him.
12 years ago
But considering hes a know-it-all that has a Texan accent and says "yall", I don't see the harm in his doings..
12 years ago
Wtf how do you make money from people saying you work for Dr. Phil?

I work for Bush, I'm here to collect the new tax for oil. I need all your reciepts from gas purchases in the past month and I'll calculate how much more you owe me.

Were they just donating money to keep his shitty show alive? But then WTF does that have to do with a bridal shower!?
12 years ago
LOL at iloseatlife, good one!
12 years ago
Motley Crue....
12 years ago
^dammit! you beat me too it. dr. feelgood
12 years ago
ahaha made me lauuuugh
12 years ago
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