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1600 Toothpick Beard

If this doesn't get you laid, I don't know what the fuck would.


by yak

submitted November 12th 2006

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And the number one reason why you shouldn't have oral sex with a porcupine is.....
12 years ago
It really does look like a damn porcupine or maybe a hedgehog wrapped around his chin.
12 years ago
I enjoy the fact that that guy is setting goals for himself and spending his time doing someting creative. We can all learn something from his out of the box thinking
12 years ago
wow. he is Gimili.
12 years ago
now all he needs is a nice faceplant..
12 years ago
omg, if he sneezed he'd skewer his chin to his chest!
12 years ago
no muffdiving for this guy
12 years ago
kick him in the face
12 years ago
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