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Stripper Dancing


Not such a nice face, but this is how you can tell a professional stripper from... well... one of the videos I'm about to put up. 18+


by yak

submitted November 12th 2006

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"Not such a nice face???" Yak, that's fucking Nikki Nova, she's spilled more spooge than a fertility clinic.
12 years ago
Actually, I don't really mind that face. It could have been worse.
12 years ago
Yeah there was nothing wrong with the face, don't know what yak was on about.

Also I watched this after the movie mistakes compilation and noticed something..

Watch her panties as she takes them off, notice how they are below her thighs, then right after you see her put her hand in the same pair of panties which she is now wearing normally. Then, in the next scene, she isn't wearing panties at all, nor in the scene after.
12 years ago
Exactley Xeno, that's how you can tell if she's a good stripper when you don't know how the bitch took off, or put on in this case, her clothes so fast.
12 years ago
I did'nt really notice did someone say she had a face?
12 years ago
That dude is hot!
12 years ago