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Another Pelican vs Pigeon

Or is it the same one just from a different angle?


by yak

submitted November 11th 2006

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now i know why i never see dead pigeons lying around...
12 years ago
Are you sure that was a pigeon? Does the other video have a clearer shot of what the Pelican grabbed?
12 years ago
i wish i could eat things like that
12 years ago
BAHAHA if only i saw the kids reactions to it.....
12 years ago
12 years ago
So... do these pelicans ever end up actually swallowing these sky rats?
12 years ago
well, accordin to what my news channel said, yea, after holdin it in it's mouth for 20 minutes the pelican swallowed the bird whole.....i'd like to have seen that, and as far as i know, there's only one video of one bird doin it
12 years ago
that would be a nasty way to go, in the belly of the Pelican.
12 years ago
Finally we have a bird that will control the population of Pigeons.
12 years ago

Didn't know Pelicans ate birds.
5 years ago
pelicans are assoles
5 years ago
also assholes
5 years ago
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