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Satisfaction Music Video

This is a music video to Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction". You thought the power tools were weird? Watch this.

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by timpac

submitted November 11th 2006

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Again I was denied...satisfaction...of a truck racing across the screen
12 years ago
Nothing weird about this, it's just a bunch of arseclowns who found some movie making software and set about trying to fit every special effect into their "music video."
12 years ago
Maybe I should drop Premiere, as I wasn't aware that all that could be just as easily been done in WMM.
12 years ago
hahahaha, tripy but i still love the bouncing babes and powertools, that gave me great wood
12 years ago

theyre definitly tools.
12 years ago
not that bad for a bunch of punk kids with whatever program they had. What program did they have by the way?
12 years ago
12 years ago
I liked it. Good editing, and the guys dancing we're pretty rad. Yes, I'm gay.
12 years ago
ya.. not too bad.. all things considered
12 years ago
That wasnt really weird, just the future village people
12 years ago
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