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Tyler Brayton knees Jerramy Stevens in the balls

They would later go back and look at the video before the knee to the balls and not suspend Tyler Brayton but give him a $25K and also fine Jeremy Stevens $15K fine for pretty much provoking this mishap.


by Stephen

submitted November 10th 2006

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I thought football was supposed to be a tough sport. What kind of man can't take a shot to the nards every once in a while? Well, maybe I'm just a fanatical polo enthusiast, but you don't ever see horses complain like that!
12 years ago
The Seahawks guy kneed him first!
12 years ago
Imagine the damage he did to that guy's cup.
12 years ago
Ah, the Raiders being the Raiders... A bunch of thugs...
12 years ago
fucking pussy niggers.
Oh no, you got kneed in the balls while wearing a fucking cup.
Christ you big fucking apes sure do cry like women.
12 years ago
the monkey from hurricanes, this fucking shit, and all the hip hop fucking shit, even this new shit with BILL FUCKING COSBY molesting some bitch all that's walking fucking proof that it doesn't matter what environment or amount of money/opportunity you give a fucking nigger he'll still manage to be a complete fucking amazon ape.
12 years ago
Idiot. Both guys were white.
Not to say that white people can't be "niggers", but you just don't get it do you?
Muthafukka PLEASE!
12 years ago
Hurricanes? IDIOT!
I don't really follow professional sports, but I know enough to know that that is par for the course with the Raiders--bunch of niggas.
12 years ago
hey guys ask any football player THEY DONT WEAR CUPS most dont even wear JOCKS.
12 years ago
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