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Japanese BB Nut Shoot

Whatever floats your boat.....


by yak

submitted November 9th 2006

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12 years ago
Don't they have already have a recessing population problem? That's not gonna help.
12 years ago
Why do Japs blurr shit? Thats right no one is getting there face shit on.
12 years ago
YEA BABY YEA, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 years ago
I've heard that the reason why the japs blur out genetalia is because of their laws on pornography and governments regulation. Quite why then that they are allowed to sell videos of people necking turds and forcing marine cephalopods out of their twats is beyond me (perhaps because its the least sexy thing imaginable), I guess it's just part of their culture they're taught it from the age of five.
12 years ago
Okay, here we go again. (I'll bite)

Pornography is illegal in Japan. However, they define porn as anything that shows genatalia or the anus. Anything else goes. So, whatever foul thing they are up to, all they have to do is fuzz out the genitals and poop-chute and they're good to go. End of story. It's a wonderfully literal take on the whole obsenity and porn thing.They just define it narrowly and move on. Problem solved.
12 years ago
I'll add that living in Japan (as I do), my harddrive could fuck me pretty good with the law.
12 years ago
^ Don't worry I heard the last guy that got busted just had to do a few hours of community service by allowing some school girls to fire off their BB guns at his nuts as part of a dirty pervert warning video. He even had his nuts blurred for modesty.
12 years ago
thoes crazy japs are at it again.
12 years ago
that looks like fun! lol
12 years ago
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