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Grand Theft Mario

Luigi in the heezie...


by yak

submitted November 9th 2006

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hah i saw the mushrooms coming
12 years ago
i swear i couldn't stop laughing. amazingly funny!
12 years ago
not to bad. Its worh a run through
12 years ago
12 years ago
I'm-a Wario and I approve of this ad... no, wait...

...actually, the Yoshi part at the end was the best.

...hmmm, I guess I'm not familiar with that star system, probably from GTA, but what do the stars mean (I was figuring kills, but when they talked to the hooker, another star lit up) ?
12 years ago
L M F A O !
12 years ago
haha @ tvirus yoshi
12 years ago
@wario the stars resemble the amount/kind of police force chasing you.
1 star is only chased when spotted, 5 stars is army/fbi/police chasing you all the time.

btw great vid! best mario sketch ever!
12 years ago
^stars add when more police forces/citizens are killed, or more crimes are committed.
12 years ago
poor yoshi
12 years ago
why wasnt this made into a movie, remember all the cartoon movies in the 80s where like heman or something is brought to the real world as is like"stop you metal wizard!" when they see a car...literal mario is very funny
12 years ago
Well, they made a Mario movie, but it was god awful, so if they make another one, they better make it a little more true to the original concept and give it a better story. Also, there are 2 Residental Evil movies, but they're not much better....

...looking forward to that Transformers movie, tho...

Victorious, thanks, I figured it was something like all the illegal activity you accumulated, but wasn't sure what they included...
12 years ago
i wanna see THAT game!!! "oh... looka all th' purty colors!" - hahaha
12 years ago
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