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More Dollfucking


Remember the male doll video on here? Well heres a few girls fucking around on one.. 18+


by yak

submitted November 7th 2006

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a lot of girls fantasize about fucking their boyfriend in the ass with a strap-on? :(
12 years ago
Damn, they even fake an orgasm with a lifeless doll....

Those things would scare the shit out of me to be fucking, unless you're a god damn necrophiliac or something.
12 years ago
Okay, that's all well and good... but how many of these do you actually think they sell to women? Not many, is my guess.
12 years ago
ive seen this one a couple times before, and it never gets old
12 years ago
repost. I posted that about a year ago when yak was in canada and couldn't have porn on the site.
12 years ago
Balls: i know 3 girls here in SF with 1. so I'm sure the sell pretty well.
12 years ago
Bullshit, I live in SF and I don't know ANY girls with one. That doll, I know, costs in the 6-7000 dollar range.
12 years ago
Forget it, that shit is too wierd.
12 years ago
I posted it a long time ago too but it wasnt shown, you need to see the 60 yr old guy who bought one and had hoists and everything for it
12 years ago
well I guess they don't eat much and you could put casters on its ass so you could wheel it into and out of the closet, probably be a bitch to clean all that ky off though but you could throw it in the back of a pickup truck and take it to the car wash
12 years ago
somehow im not surprised Ryoga knows the only three girls in SF with this doll.
12 years ago
Regardless of the doll I wish my girlfriend had tits like those birds.
I wonder if they wiped his cock between usage?
12 years ago
as long as you have other people around to do some lickin I see nothing wrong with a doll you can throw around. Won't get pregnant either.
11 years ago
this was on real sex on hbo
10 years ago
can someone please tell me the names of these girls
6 years ago
Sally, Donna, and your mom
6 years ago
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