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ATV stunt gone wrong

It was supposed to be a backflip


by Stephen

submitted November 7th 2006

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It's still not enough to cut down the population of idiots on quadbikes.
12 years ago
What with that comment about an eggplant at the end? Maybe he was talking about the driver's mentally capacity.
12 years ago
I think it ought to be manditory that people NOT wear helmets when using, quads, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. Enough of this saving the stupid; let's start the cull!
12 years ago
there are only two outcomes to this stunt, DO or DIE, why do people become shocked by what they see here
12 years ago
Shouldnt have let go.
12 years ago
What? It was a flip, and he landed on his back. BACKFLIP.
12 years ago
Hmm, cant tell exactly whats going on, but yes, what a fucking bell-end. Do people just do this sort of thing for attention perhaps?
12 years ago
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