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Idiot jumps off hotel roof and into swimming pool...

....and doesn't really make it. Wonder how fucked up he got, or if he lived. Must've busted a few bones, at least.


by McWoozy

submitted November 7th 2006

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as stated in the title... what an idiot!
12 years ago
12 years ago
I suppose one of his bodypart (leg or arm?) skipping on the water from right to left...
12 years ago
Comon...There has to be a background story to this shit..!!!
12 years ago
looked like his shoe nil
12 years ago
looks like he fell apart :D
12 years ago
lol i think half way he thought.....jesus this was fucking stupied.
12 years ago
he was swimming away at the end morons.
12 years ago
That was spiceboy from 98rock in tampa bay....when he worked for bubba the love sponge he did it for a bet.......the first couple of jumps from lower windows went fine.....but when he jumped from the foor he hit his leg on the side of the pool......yhea he broke it......i remember listening to it live.
12 years ago
yeah, swimming to go get his legs you fucking idiot
12 years ago
Isn't spice boy fucking that hot asian bitch now?
12 years ago
wish that was iloseatlife but wish he would totaly miss the pool
12 years ago
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