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Falling model compilation



by Stephen

submitted November 8th 2006

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people falling over? oh the hilarity.
12 years ago
Oh come on, the last one was awesome. Right out of some 80s teen movie.
12 years ago
i laughed really hard at that cunt in the third clip...twat
12 years ago
This one time this model fell into my lap at a fashion show and before anyone could extricate her, I penetrated her and came inside her. I can be quick when I need to.
12 years ago
^ that wasn't a she, and it's why I don't do modelling any more. :(
12 years ago
^ LOL You two need a stage act.
12 years ago
^ i'd pay to watch it
12 years ago
That was you! my bad.
12 years ago
Wait, did you just say you'd pay to see durden penetrate and come inside me, on stage??? This place is getting weird...
12 years ago
Holy shit I love repeat Wednesday.
12 years ago
wasnt this posted yesterday?
12 years ago
wasnt your mom posted yesterday? fuck yeah!
12 years ago
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