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Ted Haggard: Hypocrite

Ted Haggard stepped down from his church amid allegations of paying for sex with a man and doing methamphetamine with him.


by pricklypete

submitted November 8th 2006

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In answer to the description of the video: I and about 45 million other people have to say... Good riddance. At least we dispose of the ilk in our midst. Democrats however? Well... That's pretty murky.

Let the blame game begin...
12 years ago
You people are so riddled with hypocrisy it is everywhere you look in your group...from the press room, white house, congress, senate, and churches...

You get rid of nothing... You cover and hide as these people are in bed with you....

Murky my foot... You couldent even begin to pile the shit on the "left" that would even reach the first floor of the gigantic shit skyscraper known as the "right".

12 years ago
This is rather old. He isnt the first Church dude to get busted. Some of ur best Preachesr now days have done shit like this. Adultrey being the most famous.
12 years ago
As far as the politics go, Republicrats are all the same to me. If a person is on TV in a nice suit talking about "morality" --you can pretty much assume that they are full of crap. I think this is more specifically about Christianity. I have nothing against religion. But we don't see too many Muslim, Hindu, or Rastafari people on the news touching on kids or smoking meth with gay prostitutes.

There is nothing inherently wrong with what Haggard did. People use drugs. People are gay. People hire prostitutes. So what. Just don't preach to thousands of people that it's wrong and then get caught doing it. If this was Andy Dick, no one would even think twice.
12 years ago
Now that is now a rather unfortunate piece of video footage for him.

I thought the common theme here were dirty old bastards abusing positions of authority rather than simply a political party.
12 years ago
Vote for change!!! Let's show those Republicans who the fucking boss is now...
12 years ago
yeah ive seen this guy before he was on this Doc about evolution, he was more or less the same "not in the bible not true", i really cant be bothered to say much about this as theres not much to do but state the obvious
12 years ago
fucking AYE! when are people going to get over the idea of a god. there is no higher power you fucking sheep. we're composed of the same decaying matter as every other life form on this planet. Just because we've evolved over millions of years into a form that can have complex thoughts about life and death doesn't mean theres a god. if there was a god that created everything on earth in seven days, including humans, then why has the earth been around for billions of years and humans only a few million, if that. i fucking hate that stupid idea of gods. if there's a god why has a single god never shown up on earth. if there was a god why did he wait until only 200 years ago to send down a son. i love the idea of people bettering themselves in the name of a greater good, but half of you so called christians are condescending fucks that dont practice a damn word you preach. like that stupid bitch thats all over tv bitching about soldiers in iraq. if she loves gods word so much why doesnt she accept everyone no matter what they do. i had to live with a christian woman for several years of my life. she claimed to love god and be a good follower yet she was one of the meanest hearted people i've ever met. christianity full of hypocrites. they're not all great people with great hearts and forgiving character. they're the most close minded people on the face of the earth. instead of trying to find the truth in life the hide behind some book that tells them what to do because it's easy. before i wrap it up i will say that i have met some amazing christian people who are kind and caring. those people are few and far between.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Aman! Kenwood. Although i do beleive in a higher power. or rather, more advanced creatures than us. aside from aliens, i think dolphins and squid have a better idea about whats going on than we do
12 years ago
I get a kick out of those South Park episodes where they explain "This is what Mormons/Scientologists ACTUALLY believe." Christianity is just as retarded and stupid, we need a Jesus episode of South Park.

Christians believe there's an invisible man who lives in the sky who grants wishes if you ask him nice enough. He's responsible for everything good that ever happens to you, and even though he's omipotent he really needs your money to buy stuff. There's also an invisible man who lives in the middle of the earth and he's responsible for everything bad that ever happens to you.

That's some INTENSE suspension of disbelief.
12 years ago
^ You forgot to mention that they believe humanity's fall from grace was a talking snake in an apple tree...

Well, Christianity is like a 30 gazillion dollar industry. And pretty much all those head guys do it for the money. Except Pat Robertson; he's just a harbinger of the devil. :) (even though that shit doesn't exist)
12 years ago
So far people have only explained the contradictions in the Judeo-Christian beliefs of what God is. I await a debunking of higher powers in other religions.
12 years ago
He's shore got a purty mouth on him ain't he?
12 years ago
CoTB, I doubt you were asking for an actual answer, but I feel like pissing in some theist cornflakes at the moment...

My generic answer for all religions.... Divinity or God is basically the label used by men to describe anything that's not understood. So when cave man THAG hit GORK over the head with a club, GORK didn't blame it on God, he blamed it on THAG, because he understood the cause and effect. But when lights flashed in the sky followed by a loud "BOOM", GORK didn't know what the cause was so he had to come up with a divine explanation. Why did the seasons change? Divinity. Why did some stars sit still in the sky but others moved? Divinity. What causes rainbows? Divinity. Where does life come from? Divinity. But as people learned and developed, more and more things could be explained by an understandable cause and effect. And as knowledge and science grew, God shrank. He/they (choose deities of your choice) were able to explain less and less, because cause and effect could explain so much more. Lightning was caused by static electricity, not gods fighting. Seasons change because the earth is tilted on its axis. Some stars move because they are planets and are close, others are stars and are far away. Rainbows are caused by the refraction of light through suspended water particles, and life got here by evolution. Seems the all-powerful gods get weaker with every scientific achievement, and get trotted out less and less to explain things.

In fact, *everything* that's ever been attributed to God has eventually been found to have a logical, scientific explanation, and *nothing* that once had a scientific explanation has ever -- on further investigation -- turned out to be divine. Sure there are still things we don't understand, but rather than hang onto this ridiculous belief that it can be explained by Yahweh / God / Allah / Brahman / Vahiguru, we can just accept the fact that at some point it will be explained by simple cause and effect.

Anyways, we need to have a "god is dead" party where everyone comes dressed as the corpse of some religion's almighty or saviour. And if God doesn't like it, he can just come and get me. :P
12 years ago
(I'm joking about the party thing, BTW. I wouldn't wanna meet any of you sick fucks._
12 years ago
Cant fucking wait for the second part of South Parks "Go God Go" episode. It will aired tomorro in the US but if you dont get it , it will be on youtube.
12 years ago
Two words Savage: Bill Clinton.
12 years ago
Good one K-Billy. Clinton liked straight sex with girls...ew.

Me, I'm all about the GOP's dark self hating gay underbelly...Mother why did you do this to me!
12 years ago
^^^ Yes, it was a good one! I know!

What do you mean though about the "Gop's dark self hating gay underbelly?" though? Are you gay or something? Do you have a problem witht this? I guess you do. Gay man.

Anyway. Clinton did like straight sex yes, and why not? I mean he was in the OVAL OFFICE for fucking christsakes. Oh well.... Slimy is just not the slimy it used to be i guess.... Like i said before, at least we get rid of our own.
12 years ago
^ Wow. Talk about hypocrite... You talk like you have high morals and ethics, and yet you come to this website.

Doesn't matter, Dems won House. Oh no! Smart people in Congress! What are we to do?!
12 years ago
LOL! ^^^ yeah, now the democrats cany totally destroy the USA! AND BETTER YET!!!! STILL BLAME IT ON BUSH!!!!

I bet that is just what you were wanting!

By the way. I love it how you accuse me via straw man of "morals and ethics" just because I love this website. Uhhhh and yet everything I have ever done here has to do with my character. Yet. What has your character said about you Booddles? Yes, i know you love the dems. But the way you put it, I could not help deduce that you are the party of lower morals and ethics! LOL!
12 years ago
well done america! you just handed osama bin laden his best gift ever. The "cut and run" party!
12 years ago
This is from Orson Scott Card. One of my favorite writers.

I suggest you all read it completly before anything. (oh, and by the way, he is a democrat!)

Still love the guy...

here is the link

12 years ago
Your mislead beliefs and political concepts are a goddamn joke...

You dont get rid of anyone Billy Boy toy...


Vote 2006!

Wooo Hooo
12 years ago
soooo.. what shall we talk about now? anyone in for a racial argument?
12 years ago
fuck white people
12 years ago
Just for the record: K-Billy is a homophobic, racist, pin-head whose idea of political argument is reciting a dumbed down version of what the GOP and Fox News tells him to think. If you enjoy sparing with the retarded by all means, keep responding to him. But if you, like me, actually have a problem with the likes of him and their “ideas,” then I suggest that you do what I’ve done and stop responding to him. I stuck him in the same category as JONNYCHO and snivel a while ago.

Thank you.
12 years ago
Thanks Balls! I know me owning you so many times in debate has made you go batty and want to ignore me. Be the good little liberal you are and put your cowardly head in the sand and I will go away. ;)

Oh and scream it to the rooftops Savage! Just keep on repeating yourself! Say it enough and it will become true! LOL! "WE GET RID OF THEM!" "You dont get rid of anyone!"!!! Common man! Shout it out! "WE GET RID OF THEM!!!" Yeah! Well, I still have two words for you: Bill Clinton.

12 years ago
i dont get it "bill clinton" he got head under a desk and denied it whats so wrong about that?

maybe if k-billy got head from someone other than a one legged male prostitute he might not be such a prick
12 years ago
K-Billy: you've owned jack-shit, and Jack's left town. You think you win because you ignore what you can't answer and distort what's left. This is meaninless. Without Rove's team telling you what to think and say, you'd have nothing. You're not funny. You're not clever. And you don't say shit that I haven't heard Bush spew a hundred times. It's "Bush Rhetoric For Dummies" with you.

My ignoring you, JONNYCHO, snivel, and all sorts of others is in no way a victory for ya'll. It's just means that I've got better things to waste my time with.

So for one last time K-Billy: you may now lick my balls. Here's your hat and there's the corner.
12 years ago
@KKK-Billy, Incase you haven't figured it out yet this is MuchoSucko.com not WeGiveAShitAboutYourPoliticalViews.com. So go troll on some other website.
12 years ago
These comments are hilarious.
12 years ago
Getting dome under a desk from a fat girl and lying about it is not as bad as condemning thousands of soldiers to their doom for a war waged against the wrong enemy with a false pretense.
12 years ago
"Bush Rhetoric for Dummies" n1 Balls, that made me laugh.
12 years ago
Bill Clinton was the Best Republican President this country ever had... He is even Straight...unlike the rumors that are abound about another certain president giving "expert fellatio"

Oh boy... What an election night that was ehh...

How many seats did you guys pick up?

Well at least you have Joe Libermann (See...WE get rid of the idiot asshole frauds, you sick fucks coddle them)

12 years ago
^"pwnd" ---I like when people declare themselves winner of a debate. It's like P-Billy is in a one man break dance fight with no audience. And P-Billy, it's funny that you reference a Mormon writer. Does he write about their magic underwear and the secret decoder ring? They don't talk too much about that stuff in public. And their reasoning for black people is interesting too. Please enlighten me.
12 years ago
My understanding was that Liebermann would be voting in the Democrat caucus.

I have to say trotting out the "oil in Iraq as a potential weapon against us from terrorists" was a rather stupid argument considering the fundamentals behind it. There are much more compelling arguments for staying. But alas they are not as powerful as covering your own arse and leaving others exposed after realising what a mess it was so destined to be without any proper foresight.

Also Bush accepting Rumsfeld's resignation seemed to me a rather strange move. I'm not saying the man isn't incompetent rather it seemed he was quite a robust heatshield for Bush on these sort of issues.
12 years ago
LOL @ Balls! I thought you were going to ignore me like you said you were! I mean, when someone says that I usually think that's something a little kid would do. I am proud that you took the time to write me back. You said, "You think you win because you ignore what you can't answer and distort what's left." Actually, you just realistically explained exactly what you do.

I don't ignore what I cant answer, in fact, if it appears like I am ignoring it, it's probably because I have talked about ad nauseum in other threads and am not interested again in writing the same shit over and over and over and over.

But it's still pretty easy for you and your ilk. All you have to do is add these three words to any sentence "bush" "hate" "blame" and then you have your argument.

I also find it quite amusing that you are using a democrat talking point to illustrate that I use republican talking points. "Bush Rhetoric For Dummies" LOL! Good one! Can you not see the irony in this you stupid fuck? Don't let the door hit you on the way out! Oh, one last jibe....

I "may now lick your balls?" Buddy, I just fucking FLAMED your balls right off. I bet they go tasty with mustard. ;)

@Savage. Is it backwards day for you or something? Or are you just stupid. My guess is the second one.

@Idrinkanalfluid. Interesting name you got there. Pretty gay, but still nice and interesting. I love what you did with my name. KKKBilly. LOL! That's a good one! No one else has come up with anything really good. That one takes the cake. Good job!

@Pricklypete. I didn't know Orson Scott Card was Mormon. Are you sure about this? As far as I know he didn't reference any "magic underwear" or "secret decoder rings" In 'Ender's Game,' or 'The Worthing Saga' Hmm... Yeah, and I would have to agree with you on declaring myself the winner of a debate. Especially since I am a "one man break dance fight with no audience." No audience besides all the people who bothered to take their time and respond. Like you. LOL! Pwnd.

Cheers everyone!

12 years ago
...Billy Boy toy...

Yeah it is opposite day billy. You are straight, intelligent, funny, handsome and pollitically astute.

Your party also won a majority in both houses, defying the odds.

Too bad there are only around 5 more hours of that fantasy left...
12 years ago
^^^ Good one! But unfortunately for you I had already come to the conclusion it was not opposite day. Thanks though for all the kind words. You were incorrect about my party winning, however, but that's ok since you think black is white, and white is Barrack Obama. <-- Or however you spell his name...

You know, I was thinking about my party losing in both houses. I dont actually feel that bad. It's pretty cool to know you are involved with a party that knows when it's defeated. Of course democrats will fight you tooth and nail and then undermine you all the way to the bank when they lose an election. I.E. 00', 04'. But whatever. There were a whole lot of pissed off republicans yesterday. I know I wasn't happy at all with the current situation were are in with the invading illegal aliens. Republicans will get their asses in gear, or not.

"Defying the odds" that's pretty funny since the odds of the occupying party losing the house and or senate in the second term statistically throughout history is almost 100%. Spin spin spin savage! Defying the odds my ass.
12 years ago
is it just me or is politics nothing more than fuel for fools who think their opinion actually matters?
12 years ago
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