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by yak

submitted November 6th 2006

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12 years ago
if it were me who was burned, i'd be in prison for murder shortly thereafter
12 years ago
Uhh, this isn't a joke. This is cause for being arrested.
12 years ago
^ i agree, nice friends that guy has.
12 years ago
What a pussy. That couldnt have burned that bad.
12 years ago
Whether or not he's a pussy is totally irrelevant. Throwing a flame like that in somebody's face as a joke is obviously fucking stupid... the guy who thought it was a good idea needs a good lesson... I'm sure somebody on here would be able to come up with a reasonable punishment :)
12 years ago
Well, yeah, but half of the videos *on* here are of people being obviously fucking stupid. When an idiot jumps off his roof and breaks his leg is that magically better judgement than when someone lights a blowtorch in his friend's face?
12 years ago
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