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Borat goes to a wine tasting, with hilarious results.

I cant believe what some ppl put up with I swear they must need therapy after meeting this guy, lol.


by IGoPPStandingUp

submitted November 5th 2006

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"he is your slave"..........lmao
12 years ago
Southern Sophisticates--Muthatfukka PLEASE!
"We don't have slavery anymore, which is a good thing...for them"
goddam that's funny. HA!
12 years ago
go fuck your sister
12 years ago
i'm surprised to see they put up with that much crap. lol old people are too kind.
12 years ago
Either his reachers for the show are some of the best in the world or the US is just the racist mofo's if ever seen, i knew they were really bad but that was fucking amazing how he got him to admit he would still prefer to keep slaves.

Those "Sophisticates" probably have alot of friends in high up government jobs and shit.
12 years ago
12 years ago
I saw the movie last night, funnies shit I have ever seen in my life...those old guys were smart, they used new cheap wine...notice they did not care that he was chugging the wine
12 years ago
the hell why he raised his lips when he kissed him! i wouldave frown them or something wtf!!!
12 years ago
12 years ago
so the movies good bastardo?
i wanna see it, maybe this week.... although deja doesnt want to ;/
12 years ago
After watching this, I strangely had the inexplicable urge to play Tetris...
12 years ago
Okay...I'll play dumb. It's the music that makes you think of the Tetris game music.

Funniest thing is...nobody will ever even read my post...so if I look dumb it will be like as though it never happened.
12 years ago
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